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Inscription Summer Internship

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Inscription Summer Internship


5,000 EGP

Available Seats

1/ 10

2 Weeks

Program Overview

We are not lecturing! yet we facilitate the journey of becoming a better version of yourself. The Real Estate Internship Program aims to provide aspiring professionals with hands-on experience in various domains within the real estate industry. The program offers internships in different departments: Operations & communication, sales ,marketing, and graphic design. Your Participation will equip you to develop Your practical skills and gain valuable industry insights for its Experts .

Program Goals

In the "Inscription Summer Internship " Program With Upscale You Will Learn:

  • Key skills for a salesperson.
  • Buyer behavior in the current market.
  • Current state of the real estate market.
  • The journey of purchasing and its steps.
  • Building a persuasive sales script.
  • Criteria for selecting residential, commercial, and administrative units.
  • Responding to objections.
  • Effective negotiation skills.
  • Tom Hopkins skills.
  • Communication skills and body language.

Program Model

Departments Remaining Seats
Operation 1 Seats
Sales 0 Seats
Marketing 0 Seats
Human Resources 0 Seats
Graphic Design 0 Seats

Internship Location


Building 53 - South 90TH Street - New Cairo - in front of Air force Hospital

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Important Terms & Notes

  • Duration of the Internship. (2 Weeks)
  • Training Hours.(From 10 AM To 2 PM)
  • Training Days. (From Saturday to Thursday)

Inscription Summer Internship Program

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