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Our Empowerment Programs

EMA-RCPCH Internship

This comprehensive course covers the essential knowledge and skills required to become a professional birth doula. It provides a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a birth doula, as well as the physical, emotional, and informational support they offer to expectant mothers throughout pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.


Enza Summer Internship

Our program is designed to provide students with valuable real-world experience and help develop their professional skills and knowledge in the finance industry And Technology training


Inscription Summer Internship

The Real Estate Internship Program aims to provide aspiring professionals with hands-on experience in various domains within the real estate industry.


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Explore our diverse range of programs tailored to your interests and career goals. Whether you're into business, creative arts, engineering, or health, there's a program waiting for you.

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Once you've chosen your program, we'll guide you through a personalized assessment to understand your strengths and areas for growth. This helps us tailor the experience for your success.

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Get ready for the support you need! Our sponsors are eager to back your journey, providing not just financial support but valuable mentorship and industry insights.

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Work hard, learn, and excel in your chosen program. We're here to guide you through the ups and downs. Graduation is not just an end but a beginning to new opportunities.

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Connect with a vast network of employers actively seeking talent like you. Showcase your skills, achievements, and aspirations through our platform.

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Discover a pool of vibrant and well-freshed graduates with Upscale! Our platform connects you with talented individuals who bring a fresh perspective and a drive to excel in their chosen fields.

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Found a potential gem? Request an interview effortlessly through our user-friendly platform. We make the process seamless, ensuring you connect with the right candidates efficiently.

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Engage in insightful conversations with our graduates during the interview process. Assess their skills, passion, and potential fit for your team. We're here to make the interviewing experience smooth and productive.

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Ready to welcome a new team member? Hire your ideal candidate with confidence. Our platform ensures you find not just employees but valuable contributors who align with your company's vision and goals.

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Ready to make a positive impact on the future workforce? Apply effortlessly as a sponsor with Upscale. Join our family of forward-thinking partners committed to nurturing talent and shaping successful careers.

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Once you've applied, let's connect! Meet with the Upscale team to discuss your goals, values, and how we can tailor a sponsorship plan that aligns perfectly with your vision.

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Choose a program that resonates with your company's mission. Sponsorships at Upscale are not just financial; they're a chance to actively participate in shaping the next generation of professionals.

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Celebrate success firsthand! Attend the graduation projects of the talented individuals you've sponsored. Witness the impact of your support as these graduates showcase their skills and achievements.

Are you a fresh graduate feeling unprepared for the workforce?

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Eager to Become a Confident Professional? Let's get started! Dive into our user-friendly programs designed to help you succeed in top companies in Egypt. Join Upscale and get ready for a brighter future!

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Are the initial steps of your career proving to be a challenge?

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At Upscale, we don't just hand out certificates; we craft qualifications that land you your dream job. It's not about the paper; it's about your skills and ability!

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Enjy Samir
22 Years
Sales Empowerment Program
Derek Patton
24 Years
Banking Empowerment Program
Amelia Davidson
21 Years
Marketing Empowerment Program
Kyle Williams
19 Years
Journalism Empowerment Program
Amira Ashraf
22 Years
HR Empowerment Program
Fouten Abojad
24 Years
Business Empowerment Program

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